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The FlexSecure FS15 cable seal is a high-security metal cable seal with a 1.5mm cable diameter. The internal locking components consist of zinc and steel, which maximise the security and increase tamper evidence of this seal. The seal has a pull strength of +330kg, which ensures higher protection on your applications. When printed, the laser is marked with the company name/logo and serial number. Barcoding is available on request. It is packed 10 in a tray for easy access and identification.


  • Trucks
  • Bulk Tanker Trucks
  • Cargo/Shipping Containers
  • Rail Cars
  • Calibrators
  • Valves and Meters

Product Features and Benefits:

  • Strong pull-tight barrier seals
  • One-way locking mechanisms provides fast and easy sealing.
  • One end of the cable is permanently secured into the locking chamber.
  • Seals are secured as soon as the wire has passed through the one-way locking mechanisms
  • To maximize security, the wire must be adjusted to fit tightly to the application.
  • Tamper-evident cable separates into individual strands when cut and cannot be resealed.
  • Available in various colours and sizes on request.

Extremely popular, versatile, and cost-effective cable seal for many different applications.

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